Are you spending too much TIME thinking about RAISING MONEY?

Are you spending too much MONEY on outsourced campaigns?

Well, stop for a moment – and think about this instead.

You can save as much as $200,000 or more on campaign costs, become more self-sustaining, and still have the resources you need to generate greater impact for your community.

The McCarthy/Blansett Group will show you how to:

  1. Be more strategic in how you think about fundraising
  2. Build your organization’s capacity and skill for attracting and retaining support
  3. Engage investors with vision and passion, not transactional promises

Whether you’re serving a community of 50,000 or millions, leadership and money follow IMPACT. And IMPACT takes MONEY to generate. Let us show you how to make this cycle actually work FOR you!

Our professionals have delivered successful campaigns, and have coached clients successfully for years -- not with a cookie-cutter product, but a custom process and strategy developed for your organization, your culture, your budget.

Let us show you a better way. Book a confidential strategy session with Mike, Susan and Colleen today.
“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”      — Jack London
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Assessment and Organizational Growth

Our powerful feasibility/positioning studies have been labeled the best in the business and involve every member of our team. read more...


We are experts at direct solicitation. We will make the calls for you, with you and/or your volunteers, and along the way we’ll coach you in the fine art of making the right ask and getting the commitment. read more...

Coaching and Training

At The McCarthy/Blansett Group, we have always coached our clients as we conducted their campaigns, to enhance their skills at fundraising and investor/donor retention. read more...


Whether your organization is large or small, serving a metropolitan, mid-market or rural constituency, we bring the complementary skill sets of our entire team to bear on every project we undertake. We become YOUR best champions. Ask our clients and they’ll tell you – we teach them how to think, talk and act differently about the work they do, and that has impacts that go far beyond fundraising. In fact, we are proud of the fact that several of our clients, after only one campaign with us, have been able to conduct their own successful campaign the next time around. Others prefer to bring us back again and again.

Mike McCarthy

In his 30-year fundraising career, Mike has raised over $400 million in 115+ capital campaigns he and his team have headed. He is nationally and internationally recognized as a top economic and community development strategist, a passionate orator and fundraiser. Mike has worked in every facet of economic development from military base reuse to revitalization of downtowns, and attraction of new industries. He has led successful international trade missions throughout Asia and Europe.

Susan Blansett

Susan is passionate about helping people and organizations stretch and exceed their own expectations. Clients rely on her judgment and praise her professionalism and problem-solving ability. Her experience in economic and workforce development at state, regional and local levels has proven a strong asset over nearly 20 years in consulting. Susan coaches in strategy, organizational development, messaging, and investor/client relations. She has made more than 3,000 direct solicitations and helped to raise more than $200 million for our clients.

Colleen Nelson

Colleen has 25 years of expertise in sales and marketing, with a focus on relationship building, as she helps create an atmosphere of synergistic business growth with her clients. She has a strong track record nationally and internationally building and managing multi-million dollar accounts and establishing long and lasting customer relations. As the owner and operator of three businesses, she is a proven multi-tasker with new business development, account expansion, and day-to-day operations.

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