The Power of One in Practice – Giving Back


Indulge me, please: Close your eyes for a moment, sit back and think back, to a time in your childhood when you were playing with friends – in your backyard, on the street, at the local schoolyard, it doesn’t matter where or what you were doing, really. Just recall.

Can you smell the grass? Taste the wild berries as they hit your tongue? Hear your friends urging you to run faster? Feel the power as your feet hit that mud puddle?

Childhood shaped us all, and with this small book, Mike McCarthy brings childhood to life in a delightful way that will touch you and stir your own remembrance. Proceeds from the book will aid in restoring the historic Soo Theatre, the project of a band of strong local women determined to renew a beloved gathering place in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, where Mike was raised. It’s one way he’s giving back.

So buy it in remembrance of the town where you grew up. Then savor this engaging book and pass it along to a friend or family member. I guarantee it will lift your spirits, transport you to a happy time, and leave a lingering nostalgia for YOUR special place.

–Susan Blansett

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