Assessment / Organizational Growth

“It was a unanimous decision to hire this firm. The other candidates were all good but were indistinguishable from one another. This team stood out.”  -- Board Member Dan Portes, Quad-Cities Chamber of Commerce 

Feasibility/Positioning Analysis whats your goal

Before you engage in any major fundraising activity, you need solid information that will help you reach your desired audience with the right intelligence, strategy, message and timing. You want to map your success before you begin. The McCarthy/Blansett Group doesn’t believe in traditional “feasibility” studies. Instead, we deliver for you a Positioning and Strategy Assessment that gives you the information you’ll need to set ambitious (yet achievable) goals, and the roadmap to reach them. Our Positioning and Strategy Assessment was hailed by one client’s board leader as “the best money we ever spent with a consultant.” Because we dig deep and get to know your organization and your community on levels that others don’t. With The McCarthy/Blansett Group in your corner, you and your board will be able to make a truly informed decision, and be confident from the outset that it’s the right one. “This feasibility report is the best money we ever spent with a consultant!” --Then Board Member Leon Loeb, Corpus Christi Regional EDC (2007)

Organizational Audit

Our founding partners are Certified Economic Developers with years of experience at local, regional and state-level economic development, as well as Certified Mediators. We engage in a complete organizational assessment, including budget, staff, leadership, structure, culture, communications and performance – all against the backdrop of your community’s economic base, SWOT and culture. We deliver a thorough report with specific recommendations designed to help you reach your organizational goals. This is of tremendous value to the organization in crisis, and to any organization in the pursuit of excellence or reinvention.

Investor Relations Assessment

We perform a customized assessment, working with your Investor Relations team, of top-to-bottom communication, engagement and interaction with those who support your organization financially. The deliverable is a concise report with specific recommendations to help you enhance investor/donor loyalty and attract investors organically and avoid churn.

Board & Leadership Development 1c coaching

A thorough look at your Board and standing committee structure, assessing for quality, continuity, engagement and processes, as well as any specific issues identified as goals or challenges. We deliver a concise report with specific recommendations for improvement to enhance Board effectiveness and recruitment.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict exists in any organization, and virtually always represents an opportunity for greater understanding and relationship enhancement. As professional mediators trained by the PULSE Institute (Calgary, Alberta,, we can help you turn conflict into a win-win for all concerned, whether the disconnect is Board/Executive, within staff, or with someone outside your organization. We employ a reliable process that typically delivers results within one or two sessions.
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