Build your EconDev skills AND have fun with this author!

I grew up in a somewhat “Ozzie & Harriet” small-town household – two parents, 4 siblings (best friends or foes on any given day), where playing in the street was safe and our adult neighbors were duly authorized to dole out discipline to any Blansett kid caught misbehaving.  My Mom’s rapier wit and love of practical jokes made her more popular with my friends than I was, at times – and she frequently used them to teach us meaningful life lessons. 

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5 Tips for Thinking Strategically

Each June, Mike McCarthy and I have the honor (and fun) of teaching the Strategic Planning portion of Colorado’s Basic Economic Development Course (superbly run by Michelle Claymore, E.D. Director in Commerce City, CO). This year’s class was particularly interested in one of the concepts we regularly introduce – the difference between strategic planning and strategic thinking, thus inspiring this blogpost.

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