Campaign Strategy 2c general fundraising

A roadmap for a successful campaign, including the who/what/when/where and how. We design your strategy to succeed given your organization’s and community’s culture, with (as Tom Peters advises) “the right leaders on the bus, and in the right seats.” And when that culture needs to be challenged or outdated perceptions revised – well, that’s where The McCarthy/Blansett Group shines, helping you to think, talk and act differently about the work you do!

Fundraising Campaign Management

We guide the day-to-day management of your campaign, always coaching client leaders and staff along the way so that the next time around, you may find yourself capable of running a fundraising campaign on your own! Our depth of experience also means we foresee and avoid trouble spots – like coordinating your multi-year campaign with annual sponsorship drives or other events to avoid confusion and manage expectations. We’ve delivered in campaigns for communities as small as 30,000 and as large as several million.

Messaging & Case Development

We work with you to address controversial issues, create a compelling case for support that will help you attract leaders and money, or help others see your organization from a new and different perspective. We put your messaging through our 6-C Test to ensure your message is Clear, Concise, Compelling, Consistent, made with Conviction, and Congruent.

Investor Targeting & Ranking

Who are your targets for financial support and leadership, what do you need to know/discover about them, and how do you come up with the right ask (neither too high nor too low)? We demonstrate and teach you on how to master these critical strategy and fundraising skills.

Raising the Money 2bfundraiing or raises the money

We are experts at direct solicitation. We will make the calls for you, with you and/or your volunteers, and along the way we’ll coach you in the fine art of making the right ask and getting the commitment. Or we will train you and your team for a do-it-yourself fundraising campaign, with just the right amount of hand-holding in the early stages until you are competent and confident to proceed. In fact, we consider it a great accomplishment that some of our clients, after going through one campaign with us, have been able to conduct their next campaign successfully on their own.

Monitoring & Reporting

Every good fundraising campaign requires critical and regular monitoring of results and reporting to stay on track, with periodic adjustments of strategy and methods. We use (and teach) best practices to generate momentum and keep volunteers and staff engaged, motivated and productive.

Mid-Course Assessment

Offered exclusively by The McCarthy/Blansett Group. We revisit your organization 12-20 months post-campaign for just a few days, to assess your ongoing fundraising, investor/donor retention, and leadership engagement. We meet with staff and key supporters, analyze performance, and offer specific advice to shore up or enhance your results going forward. “We are at 100% investor retention and people are knocking on our door wanting to become investors. We are now the go-to organization in our region, because we have the leadership, the resources and we get things done. The campaign transformed our organization!”  --Brad Warren, then Exec VP, Greater Springfield Chamber (IL) on the occasion of our mid-course assessment 12 months post-campaign.
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