Raise more money. Attract more leaders to your cause. Deliver greater impact for your community.

We can help you do it like no one else can.
We won’t do a campaign for you. Instead, we use the expertise we’ve built over more than 100 campaigns raising more than $400,000,000, to teach you how to do it in-house, then walk you through it and stay with you as long as you need to build your skill and confidence. Once your campaign starts, we can stay with you if you wish, at a level of support you want (though you won’t need much by then). And we don’t believe in traditional “feasibility” studies. The truth is, the money you need is there, IF your vision and message are clearly and compellingly made. Instead, we deliver a more meaningful positioning assessment that ensures you will have the right strategy, vision, program and message to fit your investor base and your community’s culture and capacity. The McCarthy/Blansett Group assists you with assessment, strategy, preparation, infrastructure, messaging, sales, executive/volunteer/staff coaching, execution, investor engagement and retention – as much or as little as you need and want to hit your goals. We tailor our services to your needs and your budget. And by the way – we excel at organizational start-ups and reinvention!
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